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Executives from the USA and Germany hold opposing views – results of the Worldcom Confidence Index 2022

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What drives German and US executives in 2022? This year, the Worldcom Confidence Index once again draws a picture of sentiment among executives worldwide in various socio-economic and work-cultural areas.

What is the Worldcom Confidence Index? 

The Worldcom Confidence Index is an AI-driven live database that collects and evaluates global trends and opinion priorities of international executives. To provide reliable results, over 100,000 CEOs and C-level executives were surveyed.

Through the use of modern AI, the Worldcom Confidence Index constantly reflects current developments and can therefore be used by companies to set priorities.

If a so-called “confidence gain” or “confidence loss” is recorded in an area, this means that the executives forecast more or less potential here. According to the executives, an area with increased confidence values will play an important role in the near future and requires increased attention. If an area loses confidence points, this means that executives are increasingly turning away from this topic and regard it as comparatively irrelevant.

Each region of the world and up to 40 individual countries were examined in detail.


Worldcom Confidence Index 2022: Germany 

Confidence Gain 

German managers place a high level of trust in the use of digital tools for team communication in early 2022; the trend towards remote work has left its mark here. According to the Confidence Index, more and more companies are relying on digital tools to support their day-to-day work.

Closely related to this is the growing interest in artificial intelligence which is increasingly being implemented in apps and tools as mentioned above. However, more and more companies are using AI technology in their own products; SaaS manufacturers and cloud providers in particular are placing their trust in digital intelligence.

Also in the top 3 for confidence growth are Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and sustainability efforts. In recent years, the social focus on this issue has intensified, as a result of which executives also see a moral necessity to position their respective companies in an environmentally conscious manner.

Confidence Losses 

Surprisingly, customer satisfaction suffered the greatest loss of trust among German executives in the beginning of 2022. Not much of a surprise, however, is the dwindling trust the reason for the change by politicians and legaslators.

Although remote working has been well accepted in many places over the past few years and the work has been successfully organized, German executives’ confidence in hybrid working is currently declining. One reason for this is that the combination of digital and analog communication and the necessary coordination can quickly become complicated, making it more difficult for managers to reach colleagues who work remotely.

What drives German and US executives in 2022? This year, the Worldcom Confidence Index once again draws a picture of sentiment among executives worldwide in various socio-economic and work-cultural areas.


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Worldcom Confidence Index 2022: USA

Confidence Gain 

In the US, employee topics gained the most trust in early 2022, with all three areas in the Confidence Index directly affecting employees. According to the index, US managers place particularly high trust in the mental health and well-being of employees.

Similar to German executives, innovative tools for communication and collaboration are also highly valued in the USA. Here, too, digital collaboration applications are highly valued and facilitate both internal collaboration and communication with customers.

American executives also report a further increase in trust when it comes to employee engagement and the experiences that employees have at a company. This again shows the high value placed on employees in the USA in 2022. According to the Confidence Index, this is a factor that is least important to German managers.

One reason for the high level of interest and trust in the topics surrounding employee retention is the so-called Great Resignation, as a large number of employees are currently leaving their employer in the USA as well as in Germany, or are planning to do so in the near future.

Confidence Losses 

Unlike in Germany, artificial intelligence has not gained any significant trust in the USA; on the contrary, AI has lost the most trust among US executives. The loss of trust in the influence of social media and its significance for corporate success is almost as high.

More information about the Worldcom Confidence Index 2022 

The Worldcom Confidence Index is also available to the general public and can be used to prioritize companies worldwide.

More information about the Worldcom Confidence Index 2022 as well as the interactive tool for real-time evaluation can be found here.

In addition, the Worldcom PR Group provides a monthly evaluation of the global results. These can be found here.

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