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“Wind of Change” – Fresh wind for the Worldcom PR Group

For the Annual General Meeting 2019, the worldwide agency network – the Worldcom Public Relations Group – made use of a song from the 80s. “Wind of Change”, the famous song from The Scorpions, is almost 30 years old, but the spirit of the times can easily be transferred to the year 2019. Back then, the political upheaval of the Eastern bloc after the fall of the Berlin Wall was celebrated; today, winds from different directions are blowing towards us. New political barriers have an impact on economic cooperation. At the same time, technology can connect more people than ever before. There are urgent issues of the PR and marketing world that needed to be discussed and the debate quickly pointed in one direction: How can we work together successfully despite these different influences. After all, the partners were interested in the learning effect and experience of the other agencies. In addition to numerous informative lectures, networking and getting to know the new partners at casual evenings were not neglected.  

Deeper cooperation among the partners

The prestigious Hotel Kempinski in Vienna was chosen as the venue. On one hand, to acknowledge the historical significance of Vienna as a link between East and West. On the other hand, the partner agencies from Prague, Budapest and Munich that were responsible for the organization met in the geographical middle. Between 6th and 11th of May, over 90 PR specialists from different cultures and countries came together to discuss campaign approaches, successful and unsuccessful strategies and how cooperation between the Worldcom partners can be shaped. This point was particularly important for the new partner agencies. For example, the large-scale PR campaign for the EU’s earth observation program Copernicus was presented. What do important institutions expect, what was the pitch presentation like and how could HBI and its partner organizations finally win this important EU program? For Corinna Voss, Managing Partner of HBI, the decisive points were the long-standing cooperation of the international partners, the outstanding industry knowledge and the good networking with journalists and influencers. Because one country alone cannot speak for the EU and only a well-developed network of specialists, namely Worldcom, made the campaign successful – enabled by the Wind of Change of the 1980s.

HBI WorldCom Collaboration  

Young Professionals of the Worldcom PR Group

On the last day, the presentation of the Young Professionals brought a breath of fresh air into the ballroom of the Hotel Kempinski. The topic was the future Generation Z and how it will change the workplace. Students from the USA were given the opportunity to give a lecture by the organization “National Millennial and Gen Z Council” in cooperation with European and American partner agencies. How agencies can promote and integrate young professionals was the main topic of discussion for the next hours apart from the other lectures. The session and the following discussion were an opportunity for young people to present their point of view as well as to reflect learned skills and offered the experienced partners the opportunity for exchange. Reverse Mentoring or the Wind of Exchange. Worldcom AGM HBI  


About the Author

Alexander Hencel

Marketing Assistant at HBI Helga Bailey GmbH – International PR & MarCom

Alexander Hencel has been part of HBI’s marketing team since 2018. He is responsible for content management such as the creation of specialist articles, managing social media channels and supporting online marketing campaigns for customers and HBI.

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