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The future of public relations and marketing – Predictions for 2024


The year 2024 is just around the corner, and with it comes new challenges and opportunities for the world of public relations (PR) and marketing. The ever-changing digital landscape, social developments and technological advances are having a significant impact on how companies spread their messages and connect with their target audience. But what are the key predictions for PR and marketing in 2024?

Prediction 1

AI, personalization and automation as game changers

Artificial intelligence and automation will continue to revolutionize the way PR and marketing strategies are developed and implemented. AI in particular will play a key role in personalized communication. Companies must and will therefore increasingly use AI-based tools to create personalized content for their target groups. Chatbots, personalized recommendation systems and intelligent data analysis will enable companies to work more efficiently and at the same time create more relevant content for their target groups. One example of this is the dynamic adaptation of website content based on individual user behavior. Companies such as Amazon are already successfully using personalized recommendations that are improved by machine learning.

Prediction 2

Authenticity and transparency remain important

Consumers will increasingly attach importance to companies communicating authentically and transparently. Brands that clearly state their values and speak openly about their business practices will gain the trust of their target groups. In an era of social media and real-time communication, authenticity will become a key competitive advantage. Blockchain technology, which is increasingly being used for transparent communication and authentication, is proving its worth here. This not only creates trust among consumers, but also strengthens the company’s image in terms of transparency and responsibility.

Prediction 3

Video content will continue to dominate and be complemented by AR

Videos have already become one of the most popular content formats and this trend will continue in 2024, with short clips, live streams and interactive videos continuing to attract the consumer attention. This content will be complemented by augmented reality (AR), which is now being used not only in gaming but also in marketing. One company that is setting standards here is IKEA, for example, which introduced an AR app back in 2017 that allows customers to virtually place furniture in their own rooms before making a purchase. Even in 2024, companies should shift their focus to augmented reality and convey their messages in a creative and visually appealing way in order to stand out in the flood of content.

Prediction 4

Influencer marketing is becoming more refined

Influencer marketing remains an effective way to promote products and services. However, a shift to more qualitative relationships between brands and influencers is expected in 2024, as well as rapid evolution as consumers increasingly seek authentic relationships with influencers. Authenticity, relevance, and long-term partnerships will be more important than reach alone, which is why companies will increasingly rely on micro-influencers. They usually have a dedicated but smaller followership. Nevertheless, they manage to establish a more intensive and personal connection with the target group, which in turn can have a positive effect on the company and the brand. Nike’s collaboration with niche athletes serves as an example here, leading to an authentic connection with the target group and making it easier for customers to identify with the services.

Prediction 5

Focus on data protection and ethics

With increasingly strict data protection laws and a growing awareness of ethical business practices, companies must ensure that they respect the privacy of their customers. This is because the increased data anlysis use of data analysis and AI is making data protection a key issue in the PR and marketing industry. Companies will increasingly implement ethical guidelines for handling data in order to maintain the trust of their customers. A prime example of this is the data protection initiative that Google has been working on for years.  However, Google wants to officially phase out third-party cookies by mid to late 2024, as they continue to cause problems. Many of the cookies are managed by large ad tech companies (e.g. Google or Meta). These companies collect masses of data about users, which in turn can be sold to create detailed user profiles. However, as the prediction for 2024 focuses increasingly on data protection and ethics, not only Google but also many other companies must take proactive action. The measures are intended to set a standard for the protection of privacy, also for the year 2024, and show that data protection is not only a legal obligation, but also an ethical responsibility. Some companies that integrate data protection and ethics into their strategy not only meet legal requirements, but also gain the trust of an increasingly data-conscious public. Transparency about the handling of data and a clear ethical orientation not only fulfill the legal requirements, but also strengthen consumer trust.


2024 promises to be an exciting time for public relations and marketing, characterized by technological advancements and changing consumer preferences. Companies that recognize and adapt to these trends will be able to successfully transform themselves to the changing landscape, strengthen their market position and, through a certain flexibility, will also be able to respond to the needs of their target groups. Artificial intelligence, authenticity, video content, influencer marketing and ethical business practices will be the cornerstones of a successful PR and marketing strategy in the coming year.

About the author

Elena Sauter

Junior Communication Consultant at HBI Communication Helga Bailey GmbH

Elena Sauter has been supporting HBI in the areas of PR and marketing since 2022.
As a Junior Communication Consultant, her responsibilities include the creation of professional articles & the conceptualization of social media postings. Furthermore, Elena is involved in directly assisting our client work.

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