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Successful content marketing for better visibility


Every digital presence requires content: Content that is appealing for interested parties, stands out and expresses expert status. However, in today’s world, it is becoming more and more complicated for companies to set themselves apart from the competition.

To avoid drowning in the flood of information and to become visible to the target group, solid groundwork and a stringent strategy are required.

Basics of content marketing

An old marketing proverb says that the bait must attract the fish, not the fisherman. It is therefore even more important that the target group is well-known, and that sufficient information about their motives and interests is available, so that the published content can be tailored to them. To facilitate this, working with a buyer persona helps. A buyer persona is a representation of a fictional customer and includes all the important demographic and psychological characteristics. This makes it easy to test new ideas by looking at the buyer persona to see what content will be appealing to them.

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It is often helpful to look at industry benchmarks. This means finding out which content is well received and achieves high interaction. If the content is created for social media, all you have to do is research the most important keywords in your own industry and you will get the best keyword results, which can then be analyzed.

If you want to publish your own content ideas, an analysis with tools such as Answer the Public, Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends helps to find out how much reach potential the topic offers based on the available data.

Goals with content marketing

Before blogs and social media posts can be created and published, it is important to work with precise goals. This includes clearly defining which objectives need to be achieved through the content.

Possible goals are:

  • More website visitors
  • Direct messages from potential leads
  • Increase awareness among potential customers
  • Increase awareness among competitors
  • Attract new customers or offer existing customers an enhanced digital buying experience
  • Increase online store sales

Many of these goals go hand in hand with each other and can be achieved in parallel. However, without knowing from the beginning in which direction a development is aimed, and which areas are particularly important, content marketing will remain unsuccessful. A strategy is therefore essential!

After it is now clearly defined which goals are being pursued, a measurable target is necessary. Unlike print advertising, content marketing can be analyzed extremely detailed and reliably – this fact should be taken advantage of.

A successful target meets five criteria: It is specific, measurable, accepted, realistic and terminated. The acronym for this is SMART and is a clever guide to goal setting.

For example, an improperly formulated goal would be:

“We want to acquire new customers via social media and reach more followers than our competitors.”

A SMART goal, on the other hand, would read:

“We want to achieve ten lead inquiries generated through our content by 12/31/21, and we want at least 200 more quality followers than our competitor xy.”

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Only with a comprehensive content marketing strategy, companies can stand out from the crowd. Thought leaders in particular, experts in a field who are perceived as such by the public, depend on an interacting audience.

The digital world can hold many challenges. You do not have to embark on this journey alone! Benefit from HBI’s many years of experience in PR and marketing. Learn more about the HBI Digital Executive Program or contact us directly.


About the author

Lukas Huber HBI

Lukas Huber

Marketing Assistant at HBI Helga Bailey GmbH – International PR & MarCom

Lukas Huber has been part of HBI’s marketing team since 2020. As Marketing Assistant, his responsibilities include the development of marketing campaigns, social media management and the creation of specialized articles.

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