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When an AI writes about AIs


AI ChatGPT explains why artificial intelligences are making a breakthrough in communications, PR, social media and marketing.

The following text was written by the artificial intelligence ChatGPT. This took place under the guidance of Account Director Christian Fabricius. Headlines were then inserted by the HBI marketing team.

Artificial intelligences (AI) such as ChatGPT have seen an impressive breakthrough in communications, PR, social media and marketing in recent years. The reasons for this are many and include the capabilities of these technologies to learn quickly and accurately, as well as the opportunities they offer to automatically personalize and optimize interactions.

AI on the verge of a breakthrough in the communications industry?

One of the most important reasons for AI’s breakthrough in the communications industry is its ability to mimic human-like interactions. Chatbots based on natural language processing technology like GPT-3 are able to respond very convincingly to input requests from customers. This allows companies to offer 24/7 support while reducing the cost of human customer service. In addition, these chatbots offer the ability to interact with customers in a personalized way, as they can record and respond to their behavioral patterns and interests.

Another important factor in AI’s breakthrough in the communications industry is its ability to analyze data quickly and accurately. This allows companies to optimize their marketing and PR strategies by recording and responding to audience reactions to specific campaigns and messages. AI systems can also be used to automatically create personalized content for individual customers, increasing the effectiveness of marketing and PR efforts.

Possible applications of AI in the communications industry

Another important application area for AI in the communications industry is content creation. By using Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT)-based systems, such as ChatGPT, content in the form of texts, videos, graphics, etc. can be created automatically. This allows companies to strengthen their social media presence while saving time and resources that would otherwise be spent on content creation. AI systems can also be customized for requirements such as SEO, tone, and style to ensure that the content generated meets the needs of the business and appeals to the target audience.

Advantages of AI in communication

Another benefit of AI in the communications industry is its ability to automate processes. This allows companies to save time and resources by automating tasks such as email marketing, social media management, and even media monitoring. AI systems can also be used to identify potential issues upfront and respond to them quickly before they become major challenges.

However, it is important to note that AI is not a panacea and there is still an important role for human input, especially in creativity and decision-making. However, AI systems are a powerful tool that can help companies optimize their communication strategies and target audiences more effectively.


Overall, AI technology such as ChatGPT offers a wide range of opportunities for the communications industry, allowing companies to automate their processes, conduct personalized interactions with customers, take more effective marketing and PR actions, and strengthen their social media presence, ultimately increasing their competitiveness and efficiency.


Final comment from AI expert Christian Fabricius:

I tasked AI with the following words: “Write me a blog post of just over 600 words explaining why artificial intelligences like ChatGPT are just now experiencing their breakthrough in communications, PR, social media and marketing.”   I was inspired by Sascha Lobo’s column “The end of irrelevant artificial intelligence”. If I had written the text myself, it would certainly look different. But the AI text impressed me. Of course, there are also (still) limits. There is, for example, the lack of topicality. ChatGPT’s knowledge base currently only extends to the year 2021, so when asked “Ok, but why is this breakthrough happening right now, in January 2023?” the AI doesn’t have the 100% appropriate answer. ChatGPT answered, “There are several reasons why the breakthrough of AI […] is happening right now. One of them is the increasing availability and power of AI technologies.” It’s not – however, I think the breakthrough is due to the impressive performance and free, no-cost availability since December 2022.

I think it’s a very interesting topic, and I’m excited to see where it goes. The CEO of a Canadian AI company told me three years ago, “Our customers who work with our AI for longer ask the AI questions after a while that they never would have thought of at the beginning.” Perhaps that’s a key new skill. Answers are everywhere, but you have to learn to ask the right questions.

About the author

Christian Fabricius

Account Director at HBI Helga Bailey GmbH

Christian joined HBI in 2012 and serves as Account Director and Leader New Services at HBI.
Christian is an expert in the areas of Finance and Artificial Intelligence.


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