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The power of user-generated content


Traditional advertising methods alone are no longer effective enough to attract the attention of consumers and secure their loyalty. Customer behavior and expectations have changed over time, which is why an integrated marketing strategy that combines traditional advertising methods with digital approaches is essential. A new era of marketing has developed: User-generated content (UGC) plays a central role in this!

What is user-generated content?

User-generated content refers to any type of content, including text, images, videos, or reviews, that is created by customers rather than the company itself. This content reflects the authentic experiences and perspectives of the customer and often has greater credibility and impact on other potential new customers (leads).

The importance of user-generated content

Compared to conventional content creation, user-generated content offers several advantages. Above all, it helps to build deeper customer loyalty by putting their voices and stories in the spotlight. By integrating UGC into the company’s marketing strategy, they can build an authentic community and strengthen the trust of their target group. In addition, user-generated content can also help to increase a company’s reach and visibility. When customers share content about their products or experiences, they essentially act as brand ambassadors, helping to raise awareness and engage with potential customers.

Strategies for involving customers in content creation

There are various strategies that companies can use to engage their customers in content creation and generate user-generated content.

1. Hashtag campaigns and challenges: Introducing company hashtags and asking customers to share their own content using that hashtag is a popular way to encourage user-generated content. Specific challenges or competitions can also be launched to encourage customers to produce creative content.

2. Product reviews and testimonials: Collecting product reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers is an effective way to generate authentic content and build trust with potential customers. These reviews can be used, for example, on the company’s website, in social media, or in advertising campaigns.

3. User-generated content competitions: Organizing competitions where customers can submit their own photos, videos, or stories can be a fun way to generate user-generated content. Companies can offer prizes or rewards for the best entries to encourage participation.


The rise and power of user-generated content have fundamentally changed the way a company or brand interacts with its customers and manages marketing. By involving customers in content creation, an authentic connection to the target group can be developed, reach increased, and trust strengthened. With the right strategies, companies can benefit from the advantages of user-generated content and build a strong community of brand ambassadors.


About the author

Elena Sauter

Junior Communication Consultant at HBI Communication Helga Bailey GmbH

Elena Sauter has been supporting HBI in the areas of PR and marketing since 2022. As a Junior Communication Consultant, her responsibilities include the creation of professional articles & the conceptualization of social media postings. Furthermore, Elena is involved in directly assisting our client work.


Image source: Image by jannoon028 on Freepik

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