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#InsideHBI – Welcome Sina


Name: Sina-Noëlle Brüsch



Bachelor of Arts in theater, film, media studies and art history


Work Experience:

Over the last few years, I have been able to gain a variety of experience. From interviewer for demoscopes to coordinator for art events. From stagehand to barista and bartender. From customer service to editor for book publishers and hostess at trade fairs. One of the most interesting internships I had was at ZDF in the TV film/series department and I was able to apply my knowledge that I acquired at university to marketing at my last job in a Japanese pastry shop.


What surprises us most about your resume?

That I come from a performing arts background, have vocal training and my side jobs have been like a colourful gummy bear pack in Germany, Sweden and Spain.


What do you expect in your first few months at HBI?

I can already say after a few weeks that I am learning a lot and am surrounded by a motivating team. That is what spurs me on to develop further.


How do you imagine PR work?

My fascination with public relations is based on the opportunity to use language as a bridge. To develop a sense for different positions in order to build a connection that exchanges the most important information. In short, an interplay of creativity and strategy.


Preferred Munich activity?

Since people are known to make the place, the priority changes depending on who I’m spending time with 😊


What fascinates you most about the technology industry?

There is a constant (further) development. Here, too, artistic thinking meshes with logical processes. Technology is something alive.


Are you from Minga? Are you a local or a Zuagroasta? 😉

Since the question alone made me smile and I can’t speak like that ….


Most popular social media platform?

YouTube and Pinterest make a neck-and-neck race


Do you prefer to be in the city or the country?

In the city for ventures and in the country to come back to me.


What did you want to be when you were a kid?

I always wanted to be in the performing arts and am fortunate to have years of experience in that field.


How do you keep up with news – print or online?

I always follow news online to follow up on references and get different views on an event.

But I enjoy my love for printed paper in my book collection, which I wouldn’t give up for an e-reader.

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