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#InsideHBI – Welcome Jonas


Name: Jonas Albrecht


Since October 2022, I am studying dual in the field marketing management at the IU International University Munich with the HBI as my practice partner.


Work experience:
Four years ago, I started my own YouTube Channel (at the beginning it was more because of fun rather than business), which tells you all about radio-controlled cars (RC-Cars). Some of them are reaching a top speed of more than 100 kph. For more than a year now, I am advertising partner of the YouTube partner program and uploading hobby videos about new products in the RC car area. I film, record, market and edit everything myself.  Among other things, I cooperate with banggood, which is a Chinese shipping service provider. Additionally, I create and design the Social Media appearance of a Nuremberg company. In general, I do my social media content as a hobby and adapt my „activity„ depending on how busy I am at school/work/study.


What surprises us most about your resume?
I think my self-made business in social media (YouTube & Instagram) and early fascination for marketing surprises you the most!


What do you expect in the first few months at HBI?
First, I am very happy to be a part of the HBI-Team! In addition to a friendly atmosphere, I expect a lot of variety and many different insights into the field of marketing. I would like to learn a lot of new things and expand my skills under professional guidance with the HBI.


How do you imagine PR work?
I see PR work as extremely exciting and important, which is why good PR is very challenging to implement. Due to a constant fluctuation in the area, I think there exists a lot of variety.


Preferred Munich activity?
To be honest, that’s quite a difficult question for me personally because Munich offers so many activities for me, I can enjoy. But my most favorite is definitely biking off-road near the Isa! Apart from that, I like to meet with friends at the beautiful Odeonsplatz in downtown Munich.


What fascinates you the most about the tech-industry?
The constant and often even disproportionate development of existing technology. For example, it’s crazy that the chip of a smartwatch is by a gigantic amount „stronger„ than the computer for the first moon landing. Technology will always continue to develop. The exciting question is: Where?


Kimmst du aus Minga? Bist du a Hiesiger oda a Zuagroasta? 😉
I was born in Nuremberg, but since I’m a child I live in Munich 🙂


Most popular social media platform?
YouTube. My personal favorite, YouTube offers a wide-ranging target group and user-friendly tools like monetization for videos – Instagram doesn’t even offer that. The most popular platform is Instagram, which also has a great variety of functions- but at the moment they are setting the wrong focus.


Do you prefer to be in the city or in the country?
For me personally, it makes a good mix between the two. Overall, I prefer being in the city more often than in the countryside, due to its wider variety of activities and direct connections.


What was your dream job as a child?
Drawing has always been fun for me, and the fascination with cars has intensified that, because I really liked drawing them myself. Gradually, however, I became more and more interested in creating content like videos on YouTube, for example. This is also where my fascination for marketing came from.


How do you find out about news – print or online?
Mostly online, because I do prefer the flexibility of online news. Nevertheless, print exudes a special flair that online news will probably never have in the same way. Anyway, the advantages of online clearly outweighs the disadvantages for me.

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