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#InsideHBI – Welcome Jasmin



Sobhanian, Jasmin



From October 2020 to September 2022, I studied business administration at the University of Augsburg, but quickly realized that the marketing modules were the ones I enjoyed the most, which is why I switched to studying marketing management in the form of a dual degree program at the IU International University Munich since October 2022.


Work experience:

As a trainee at PwC Luxembourg, I was already able to gain first experiences in the field of marketing. It was through this program that I discovered my love for marketing. But anyone who studies marketing should also be familiar with public relations, which is why I completed a 3-month internship at THINK INC. Communications in the area of PR and social media marketing before I started my new studies. Since the beginning of 2023, I’ve been at HBI as a dual student and I’m already very excited to master the tasks and challenges that await me here in the next three years.


What surprises us most about your resume?

Probably my language skills are particularly noticeable, by attending high school I have learned English and French during my school years. However, since my roots are in Iran and Azerbaijan, I appreciate it very much that I learned Farsi and Azeri as a child in addition to German.


What do you expect in your first few months at HBI?

I hope to gain new practical experience at HBI and to improve the skills I already have. Also, a good relationship with my colleagues is very important to me.


How do you envision PR work?

Since I was already able to gain experience in the PR industry, I know how diverse the daily work routine and tasks are. Even though it can quickly become stressful, the work is still fun and I’m already looking forward to the new challenges.


Preferred Munich activity?

As a native Munich resident, I know many corners of the city and love that I still discover a new spot every time I go for a walk. I also really enjoy trying out new restaurants with my friends.


What fascinates you most about the technology industry?

The constant change is what always impresses me. As soon as you have the feeling that you are up to date with the latest things everything changes again, but as the saying goes: you never stop learning!


Are you from Munich? Are you a local or moved here?

😉Born and raised 😉

Although Munich is a big city, it doesn’t feel like it, you somehow always know everyone and often run into friends wherever you go.


Most popular social media platform?
Instagram has been part of my life for nearly a decade, as I use this platform like a photo album to capture the most beautiful moments and share them with friends and family.


Do you prefer being in the city or in the countryside?

Although I love the countryside, I am a city girl. Munich is the ideal place for me in that sense. You have both the big city life, but also the nature right around the corner. Within an hour one can go to the mountains for a hike on a sunny sunday morning.


What did you want to be when you were a child?

My dad had a huge aquarium, through which I developed the love for fish and the sea. Therefore, as a child, I really wanted to become a marine biologist. Even if my professional goals have changed, the love for fish has remained, which is why I still have an aquarium 15 years later 😊


How do you find out about news – print or online?

Since a majority of newspapers also post many articles in digital form, print news are barely present in my life, my focus is on online news.

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