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#InsideHBI – Welcome Annika


Annika Müller


I am currently starting a dual study program in the field of communication and PR. Even when I was a child, I wrote and composed texts of all kinds. I also enjoy working with people, which is why this extensive course of study, fits me very well.


Work experience:
Since I am currently starting my professional career, I don’t have that much professional experience in this area. But I’m looking forward to my time at HBI all. After all, everyone starts somewhere, right?


What surprises us most about your resume?
I think the fact that I’ve written several novels, and my two school degrees stand out the most. I have two degrees because I first went to junior high school and graduated there. In order to be able to study, I then went to a technical high school, which is how I achieved my second school degree.


What do you expect in your first few months at HBI?
That I can put the theory I learn in my studies into practice here, and thus directly deepen my skills and knowledge. I also want to start in the HBI team in a pleasant atmosphere and continuously improve my writing skills.


How do you envision PR work?
I believe that PR work will be very diverse and therefore will make new demands every day. But that’s exactly what I find exciting because it means that every day is a new challenge, and I’m ready to meet it.


Preferred Munich activity?
Since I live a bit away from Munich, I like to come into the city to go out and eat with my friends or to read/buy new books in a bookstore. However, I can only recommend the Olympia Park or the English Garden to everyone.


What fascinates you most about the technology industry?
The many changes and the fast pace. Especially in social networks, there are always new trends and improvements, so the whole industry is always on its toes!


Are you from Munich? Are you a local or moved here? 😉
I already come from Minga and I don’t really want to leave anymore, so obviously I’m local!


Most popular social media platform?
Definitely Instagram and Pinterest because you can always find new tips and tricks and inspiration there.


Do you prefer being in the city or in the countryside?
I grew up in a village where there are more animals than people and everyone knows everyone. Therefore, definitely countryside.


What did you want to be when you were a child?
After realizing that princess is not a real profession and my chances of becoming one were small, I always thought media and journalism were great.


How do you find out about news – print or online?
For news always online, but everything else like books and co., print. I think it’s a nicer feeling, and you can empathize more easily with the text.

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