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Brand ambassador of the future: Companies increasingly rely on corporate influencers

Corporate Influencer

Explaining technologies and communicating one’s own corporate values – nobody can do this better than employees

It is not so coincidental that more and more companies are turning to so-called corporate influencers. In the days of LinkedIn, a diligent “socializer” has already built up a large network and gathered his target personas around him. But, many of them lack the time to share their expertise, the latest news, and product updates with their contacts on a regular basis.

Making the difference

Technologies and business models are changing in record time. This change is so rapid that companies no longer know which technology came from which provider and what benefits and innovations it brings into their businesses. Why should a company store its data in the cloud and not in a burglar-proof server room? Why should especially hospitals, finance, and insurance companies protect themselves from ransomware attacks and how do companies benefit from smart sensors in their production lines?

Last November, LinkedIn had 14 million users in the DACH region alone. People who might be interested in companies and their technologies can inquire and engage in the “why” discussion regarding the need of specific services. For example, why a hardware-independent and open storage platform is more profitable in the long term than a closed storage system, or why it saves HR departments time and stress if their company uses a cloud integration platform. Because the respective experts know their product best and can philosophize about their company and corporate culture, they project the ideal image of brand ambassadors much more authentically than an image film ever can.

Showing presence is essential

In the past, it was the telephone book. Today, it is LinkedIn: If you are not there, you do not exist. “Out of sight, out of mind” – This saying sounds much more tragic than it actually is, but it’s going in the right direction. If you scroll through your feed, you will encounter inspiring posts every now and then. If you want to read more posts, you’ll follow the person. The snowball system starts rolling with sharing, liking, and commenting. So, it’s worth showing yourself and your expertise in the online feed – because everyone has the chance to become a source of inspiration. And if you don’t take the chance, someone else definitely will.

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About the author

Duygu Duru - Senior Account Manager at HBI PR Agency in Munich

Duygu Duru
Senior Account Director at HBI Helga Bailey GmbH – International PR & MarCom

Duygu has been working for HBI since 2016. She currently manages several corporate blogs and social media channels of her B2B clients. She loves the internet and technology and thinks that LinkedIn is simply better than Xing.

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