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TikTok Marketing – How to properly present your business on the most popular platform?


TikTok has become a true social media sensation, offering companies a unique opportunity to strengthen their presence as well as promote their brand to a huge and diverse user base. With more than a billion active users worldwide, TikTok is no longer just a platform for entertaining dance videos and fun challenges, but also a promising marketing tool. Below you’ll find seven tips on how to present a company in the right way so that your business can also benefit from TikTok.

Tip 1 – Know your target audience

Before getting started on TikTok, it’s crucial to understand your target audience. TikTok has a predominantly young user base, but interests can vary greatly depending on geographic location and trends. Because of this, it is highly recommended to conduct thorough market research or target group identification to learn who potential customers are, for example, and what type of content appeals to them. This knowledge forms the basis for a promising TikTok marketing strategy.

Tip 2 – Creativity is king

TikTok is a platform where creativity and originality are rewarded. It is essential to take full advantage of the wide range of video effects, music and stickers available to create eye-catching and engaging content. In this context, it is important to strictly pursue the following guiding principle: Users on TikTok want to be entertained. Emotions – so try to portray your brand in a humorous, emotional or unique way to attract attention and build a strong connection with your audience.

Tip 3 – Authenticity is the key

TikTok is known for its authentic content and users who show real personalities. Honesty and transparency in the presentation of the company and brand should be prioritized. However, being too promotional or pushy should be avoided. Instead, showing the employees or the corporate culture has a more authentic effect. Authenticity is valued by TikTok users and can lead to a stronger bond between brand and audience.

Tip 4 – Challenges and hashtags

TikTok challenges and hashtags are a great way to gain viral reach. Creating challenges and engaging content that is related to the brand or company has a positive impact on the algorhitm and encourages users to participate at the same time – Especially in creative and fun challenges that are easy to replicate. A catchy hashtag can also increase the visibility of a campaign and make the brand and company better known.

Tip 5 – Influencer Marketing

Use influencer marketing – Influencers play a key role on TikTok. The search for relevant influencers who fit the brand and company can have a promising effect – in particular, a cooperation with well-known faces generates awareness and success.At the same time, however, you also promote the products or services. Influencer recommendations have an authentic effect and can appeal to a broad target group.

Tip 6 – Analyze and optimize

TikTok offers insights and analyses on the content published by a company, for example. This data can be used to analyze the performance of the content and continuously improve the marketing strategy. Measuring success is essential to understand what works and what doesn’t, and to adjust future content accordingly.

Tip 7 – Integrate TikTok into the overall marketing strategy.

TikTok is not an isolated marketing tool, but should be integrated into the company’s overall marketing strategy. For example, by linking the TikTok account on the website and other social media platforms. Taking advantage of the ability to share TikTok content on other channels as well can increase reach and create a consistent brand presence.


TikTok marketing offers companies a unique opportunity to showcase their brand or company culture to a broad audience. Through creativity, authenticity and the use of TikTok challenges, hashtags and influencer marketing, the brand and company can be successfully showcased on the platform. Businesses must always keep their finger on the pulse, analyze results, and adjust their strategy to realize the full potential of TikTok. Let your business shine on TikTok with these tips!


About the author

Elena Sauter

Communication Advisor at HBI Communication Helga Bailey GmbH

Elena Sauter has been supporting HBI in the areas of PR and marketing since 2022.
As a Communication Advisor, her responsibilities include the creation of professional articles & the conceptualization of social media postings. Furthermore, Elena is involved in directly assisting our client work.

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