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New Mobility – The Transportation of Tomorrow


Few topics today are as hotly discussed as the future of transportation – in particular, the future of the automobile. With oil scandals, union issues and increasing traffic and exhaust pollution in cities, one thing is clear: we cannot keep continuing as we are now. At the same time, technological innovations like self-driving cars, electric motors and alternative modes of transportation continue to develop and are coming further into the public spotlight. They give us hope that we can change – that the principle of transportation in a globalized world does not have to be synonymous with roads that collapse daily under an avalanche of traffic or with polluted city air. England and France sealed the fate of conventional combustion engines. By 2040, diesel and gasoline sales in England and France will be banned. Norwegians have even faster plans. Norwegian streets will be combustion motor-free by 2025.

We look forward to the change in the wind which the automobile industry will come together to present this year in the International Motor Show (IAA), which takes place from September 14 to 24 in Frankfurt. Along with giants in the auto industry, which introduce their latest models in Frankfurt every two years, a network of companies and startups pioneering transportation will be present. This stage will allow them to showcase their innovations and provide new impetus for further development. The IAA will also present a special exhibition for the second time since 2015: the New Mobility World (NMW). The NMW is a cross-industry B2B event celebrating the transportation of tomorrow. For three days, tech companies, automobile companies, startups and industry disruptors will present a discussion forum on how transportation can become more sustainable, environmentally-friendly and secure in the future. The focus is on five core themes: connected cars, automated driving, e-mobility, urban mobility and mobility services. Other aspects that will be discussed in the NMM include data security, augmented reality and new materials.

As a tech agency, we have the privilege of a first-row seat when technological innovations and new products land on the market. Before the public finds out, we are allowed a look behind the scenes. During a company’s most decisive period, the introduction of something new to the market, we help them capture the attention of the public and provide them the limelight they need to succeed. Few industries are as exciting and innovative as transportation: modern sensors that know when drivers in their cars are distracted or sleepy, intelligent software that place all the controls of the driver’s seat in simple touch or voice commands, innovative concepts that make the charging of e-cars for consumers and companies cost-effective and user-friendly – our clients are the pioneers of the transportation of tomorrow. We think that this tomorrow should have begun yesterday rather than today!

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