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#InsideHBI – Welcome Savina



Gencheva, Savina



In March 2022, I completed my bachelor’s degree in communication studies at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.


Work Experience:

In the course of extensive internships, I was already able to gain initial experience at a Bulgarian TV station, but I also gained my first impressions of the PR world through my time at a PR agency. Therefore, I am all the more excited to now start at HBI as an Account Executive.


What surprises us most about your resume?

Personally, I don’t find anything particularly noteworthy on my resume. However, that will change with my work at HBI.

It’s certainly interesting that I came to Germany at the age of 16 and still managed to graduate from high school with a good average.


What do you expect in your first few months at HBI?

I expect to be taught a variety of activities: from efficient research to correspondence with clients to writing different types of texts.


How do you imagine PR work?

I suspect that PR work is shaped by the need for constant training. PR consultants, for example, have to learn how to work with new programs. In addition, they have to continuously acquire knowledge about their clients’ business areas.


Preferred Munich activity?

Since I am interested in art, I like to visit exhibitions. I am particularly impressed by the old Pinakothek in Munich.


What fascinates you most about the technology industry?

I’m impressed by how quickly the tech industry is changing.


Are you from Minga? Are you a local or a Zuagroasta? 😉

Since the question is formulated in Bavarian, I also reply in Bavarian: I bin a Zuagroasta

Meaning that I moved here.


Most popular social media platform?

Of all the social media platforms, YouTube impresses me the most. I can understand messages in the form of videos better than messages in the form of social media posts, because I pay attention not only to what is said, but also how it is said (tonality, facial expressions, gestures).


Do you prefer to be in the city or the country?

I prefer to spend my time in the city: there it’s easier for me to go shopping and meet friends. However, sometimes I really like to go to the countryside, because at times I feel like being close to nature.


What did you want to be when you were a kid?

When I was a child, I was so impressed by some fairy tales that I decided to become a writer. Later I threw this idea overboard, but still continued to enjoy writing.


How do you keep up with news – print or online?

I find out about current events exclusively online because it’s more convenient – I don’t need to lug papers around with me. I can also check at any time whether the news item in question is still up to date. So it’s easier for me to stay up to date.

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