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5 ways to invest the remaining marketing budget in a smart way

PR & Marketing

The year is nearly over and while most people have already used up their whole marketing budget, you still have unused funds in your marketing budget? Perfect! Here are five tips on how you should spend your remaining budget to optimally boost the coverage of your campaign or invest the remaining money forward-looking.

1. Marketing budget investment: Leave the PR work to the pro

A way that’s often tried and tested to invest your budget is to hire a PR agency to place one or more articles in the press about one’s own product or service. Turning to a professional agency has many advantages. They normally have many contacts to the trade press as well as to industry influencers. Professionals also have the required skills to position the article right. This way, your article or user report has the greatest possible impact. With their large networks, agencies can also easily arrange interviews with journalists, which you can use to place your message in a targeted manner.

2. Target group-oriented Google Ads

A good, quick and useful way to invest money in online marketing is to advertise via Google Ads. With Google Ads, it’s possible to promote your content target-oriented. In addition to being able to change your adverts 24/7, Google Ads also offers an easy and transparent way to check the success of your campaign and to take countermeasures immediately if necessary. But the most convincing reason for investing in Ads is that you can choose different keywords and in the end, your advertisement will only be shown if somebody searches for one of the keywords. That’s crucial because that way, only your target group is going to see your advertisement. Thereby, your campaign will get much more effective.

3. Marketing budget investment: Catch attention with influencers

Influencers on Instagram, YouTube but also on business websites like LinkedIn are getting more important to introduce products to a community. Especially among younger target groups who hardly read newspapers or watch television, influencers are becoming increasingly important. But for whom and when does it make sense to work with influencers? Influencer marketing is particularly successful in niche products designed for private customers. Here, influencers are successful because they have virtually no competition and thus, operate in a near-monopoly position. This means that almost all potential customers can be addressed through a single campaign. Advertising with well-known influencers naturally appeals to more customers. However, it is important to check whether the target group of the influencer overlaps with one’s own. It is also important for successful influencer marketing that the influencer has a good reputation as this is always associated with the advertised product. This concept can also be transferred more and more to the B2B area. More tips and information for successful influencer marketing in the B2B area can be found here: Our guide for B2B influencer marketing

4. Investment: Trainings and education

A very useful method to invest your remaining marketing budget are further education and training measures. Especially in the fast-changing online environment there are always innovations. Here, it is important to stay up to date and to take advantage of appropriate training. If you would like to learn more about certain topics, you can attend conferences and lectures to follow the latest trends and receive new impulses. Such events are becoming increasingly important as the various marketing opportunities evolve faster and faster and new approaches to marketing emerge.

5. Marketing budget investment: improve your web presence

Also, investments in the revision and optimization of the own web presence are a good way to spend remaining marketing budget. Since the world we live in is becoming more and more digital, it is especially important to develop a convincing concept for online marketing. Here, it is recommended to design a professional concept in order to appear in the Google search results among the first displayed results. It is important because 31,7 % of all clicks fall on the first search result.

Figure 1: Organic CTR Results – Source:

In order to appear as high as possible in the Google search, there are different approaches possible. Besides the possibility to pay Google itself to appear above the search results in the ad section, it makes much more sense to invest the money in search engine optimization (SEO). For SEO measures, it is advisable to resort to the help of external agencies. These can also help to improve the meta data of a website in such a way that it can then be found much more often.

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