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Sustainable communication

Public Relations

Are you a company that takes on sustainability? Are you also wanting to position yourself as a green company in the market? Are you on the lookout for a public relations agency that boosts awareness for its sustainability project? You came to the right place.

HBI has a long-term expertise in communicating green topics such as sustainability and environmentalism.

Sustainability is a complex topic that has many different aspects. The collective goal however is to do good for our planet – and that´s what we communicate. By the way, the myth that sustainability and profitability are opposites, is long busted. On the contrary, both of them can build synergies that can also be used in communications.

Sustainable communication vs communicating sustainability

How do you communicate sustainability? On the first glance, public relations for sustainability isn´t so different from PR activities for businesses in other industries. HBI has a long-standing expertise in heightening awareness for settled companies as well as introducing new players into the German or European market. We offer our clients a broad range of communication services with classic public relations activities, such as press releases, interview pitching, press tours, etc., but also digital services like, for example, our Social Media Executive program. Our aspiration is to customise our communication to the needs and wishes of our clients in order to reach the goals we developed together.

When communicating green topics, you have need to be very cautious of political and emotional aspects that might come along with it. With sensitive and skilled communication, HBI gets you the media coverage you want. With our eye for detail and experience for sustainability and technical topics, we ensure our communication flows seamlessly and efficiently.

The news industry accelerated immensely in recent years and news agencies need information as quickly as possible. When communicating green topics, a balance must always be found between making information available quickly and the necessary time to check all data and content carefully.

Climate change and sustainability are two of the most important social issues raised in the last couple of years, and in our opinion, rightfully so. The media therefore has a great interest in moderating that discussion. Now is the time to position yourself as a sustainable organisation so that you can be well prepared for the future.

Sustainable communication also means to implement PR activities that last. This means creating long-lasting positive effects on your target audiences. To truly achieve sustainable communication, you need to build up trust and maintain good connections with key multipliers. That is not something to be established in a day, rather to be carefully nurtured by continuous and professional communication over a longer period of time.

If you want to find out more, contact me on LinkedIn or on our dedicated sustainability page.

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