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Few topics today are so hotly discussed as the future of transportation. Rising amounts of traffic and air pollution in cities sharpen the public’s focus on innovative technologies, such as self-driving vehicles, electric cars and alternative transportation.

From September 14 to 24, the IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt invites visitors from across the world to discover the newest trends in the automobile and transportation industries. With its special exhibition, “New Mobility World,” the trade fair will shine the spotlight on industry innovators and startups, giving the industries a new boost and keeping transportation in the mind of the public.

As one of the most dynamic and innovative technology agencies in Germany, HBI will be on site in Frankfurt. But we are not just technology freaks! With us, you can find the PR and marketing expertise you need to be successful in the German market. It does not matter whether you are an established brand looking to explore new paths or a startup ready to rev up – we can help you get your innovations in to the spotlight. In our “Roadmap,” we have already compiled the most important points for your usage. We can also gladly give you a presentation on our past success stories. Contact us to be our next success story!

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