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#InsideHBI – Welcome Sarah

We are expanding our PR team with a new Account Executive and welcome her to HBI! To get to know her a little better, Sarah has filled out a profile for us.

Name: Sarah Weidinger

Study/Education: Business Administration, B.A., OTH Regensburg

Work experience: Retail, PR, Sales, Purchasing

What surprises us most about your CV?
My time abroad in Perth, Western Australia.

What do you expect in the first few months at HBI?
I want to deepen my knowledge regarding PR and get to know nice colleagues.

How do you imagine your PR work to look like?
Diverse, proactive and transparent.

Favorite Munich activity?
Going for a walk along the Isar river and in the “Englischer Garten”, a large public park in Munich.

What do you find particularly fascinating about the technology industry?
The short life cycles of technology products and rapid adaptation to latest trends make the industry very interesting and varied.

Are you from Munich? Are you a local oda a “Zuagroasta”? 😉
I was born in Hessen, but have lived in the beautiful south of Munich almost my whole life.

Favorite social media platform?
Instagram. The screen time for this app is almost embarrassing 😉

Would you rather be in the city or the countryside?
Both. I love variety and Munich with its surrounding areas has both to offer, I love that very much.

What did you want to be when you were a child?
A Veterinarian. I’m crazy about dogs.

How do you inform yourself about news – print or online?
Mainly online.

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