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#InsideHBI – Welcome Florian


Florian Stimmer


Last year I have completed my master’s degree in German literature at the Ludwigs-Maximilian-University in Munich. In addition, I studied history as well as a few semesters of political science.

Work experience:

I was a working student at a PR agency in Haidhausen for about a year and have already gained some experience there. And you can always pick up a few things from podcasts.

What surprises us most about your CV?

Let me put it this way: it is only of little use as a source of inspiration for an adventure novel.

What do you expect in the first few months at HBI?

First and foremost, a lot of new things.

How do you imagine your PR work to look like?

Ideally modern and in tune with the times. Now and then also hectic, but this is not new to me.

Favorite Munich activity?

Discovering Munich and its surrounding countryside by bike.

What do you find particularly fascinating about the technology industry?

How many cool and useful or just completely bizarre things there are.

Are you from Munich? Are you a local oda a “Zuagroasta” (”accessory”)? 😉

Radical purists would say “Zuagroasta” and not be discussed with this judgment. But I am from Upper Bavaria, so it is up to you to decide.

Would you rather be in the city or the countryside?

In the city.

Favorite social media platform?

Reddit. Nowhere else can you find so much content so quickly.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

Like Scrooge McDuck. I kind of liked him.

How do you inform yourself about news – print or online?

Entirely online – hands up who is surprised by this.


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