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The IAA MOBILITY 2021 in retrospect

The international mobility trade fair IAA MOBILITY 2021, that took place this year in Munich for the first time, is closing its doors. No longer just a car show, but also the world’s largest platform for digital and climate-neutral mobility of the future, it spread all over the city with open spaces and a dedicated so-called Blue Lane on the Autobahn for test drives.

Over 400,000 thousand visitors came to see the innovative solutions for the mobility of the future that were presented and tested for over a week in Bavarian’s capital. HBI PR was right in the middle of it supporting its clients from the automotive and software sector.

Official rebranding for Cognizant Mobility

Cognizant, an IT services provider has undertaken extensive investments in the automotive industry this year, starting with the sponsorship of Aston Martin’s Formula One team in January. With the acquisition of ESG Mobility in March, Cognizant has increased its focus on research and development for a smart and connected mobility across Europe. This focus was communicated with industry experts in the scope of the IAA Mobility.

Following this year’s motto “Developing and testing with data today what will be on the road tomorrow”, HBI’s client Cognizant kicked things off within the framework of the automotive fair. During the past seven days, HBI’s PR-team organized and supervised the press conference, conducted numerous interviews with journalists from the automotive industry and lead insightful discussions with industry experts in the context of the rebranding.

With the presence of members of the management as well as respected technology experts of the company, it was possible to communicate the visions and plans for the future of mobility and to establish valuable industry contacts. An all-around successful launch for the Cognizant Mobility campaign!

Aurora Labs – A predictive maintenance specialist

Modern vehicles are highly equipped with software – and it’s best if the system works reliably without errors. Since the mobility of the future depends crucially on intelligent software solutions, the predictive maintenance specialist Aurora Labs has displayed its knowledge at the IAA Mobility presenting its innovative technology.

Aurora Labs is developing a software intelligence technology for the automotive industry. The solution analyses dependencies and interactions between a vehicle’s various software systems and identifies already at an early stage where malfunctions could appear. This allows problems to be corrected before faults actually occur. When calculating  a certain error probability, the Aurora Labs software is automatically reset to the latest safe version without downtime.  Once the error has been corrected it resets via an OTA update. In addition, the solution enables validation of new software features, significantly speeding up the type approval process hence saving time and money for automakers and suppliers.

This was Aurora Labs’ first attendance at such a large industry trade show in Germany. For this reason, media relations were especially important to put this future-oriented topic on top of the media’s agenda that are leading the industry. HBI invited media representatives for interviews during the IAA Mobility and created profound and competent content around Aurora Labs at the trade show. Top media such as Süddeutsche Zeitung and Focus visited the booth and will include Aurora Labs in their post-show coverage. HBI succeeded in preparing a highly complex technical topic in such a way that its relevance became comprehensible to a broader audience.


About the authors

Melanie Kehl HBI

Melanie Kehl

Account Assistant at HBI Helga Bailey GmbH – International PR & MarCom

Between 2017 and 2020, Melanie Kehl was responsible for all online marketing activities of HBI. Since 2021, Melanie primarily supports clients from the automotive software, e-commerce and IT and security management provider sectors in their PR strategies.


Markus Wild

Markus Wild

Account Manager at HBI Helga Bailey GmbH – International PR & MarCom

Markus Wild has been part of the HBI team since 2019 and is currently supporting customers in the e-commerce, HR, autonomous driving and e-mobility sector. He is specialized in text creation and the management of social media channels.

Keep up with HBI communication trends and HBI news.