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Latest trends in technology


Recognizing current trends is not only important for companies to respond to customer needs at an early stage. From a PR point of view trends also offer the opportunity to direct interest in the company through clever public relations activities and to win new customers. For instance, how can companies that at first glance have nothing to do with the fitness industry or the manufacturing of consumer electronics benefit from the current health trend or the increasing use of gadgets? We regularly deal with questions like these on our blog. In doing so we not only introduce you to current trends in the industry but also show you how they can be used by companies with the right PR strategy.

Latest trends in the technology sector

High-tech and Medicine – Five Current Trends
New Mobility – The Transportation of Tomorrow
Food Tech – Welcome to our life!

How to use hypes for companies

Healthier, Fitter, Better!
Trends – going with the flow requires less effort

Further current trends

Worldcom Confidence Index 2018: Are German companies too pessimistic about the future?
Transforming Communication
How sustainable is sustainability?
“I hate Amy Farah Fowler” – The Cultural differences in consumer behaviour
In the virtual world we are a danger to ourselves

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