Is communication natural and easy for all of us? Well, not really…

Especially in professional life, one frequently encounters obstacles that have to do with internal communication in one’s company. Important information does not reach the employees on time or at all, or crucial topics were not addressed in the first place.

However, it is exactly these communication processes within a company that distinguishes it from its competitors and determine its success. Insufficient communication inevitably leads to misunderstandings and conflict. Moreover, potentially innovative ideas, as well as existent knowledge and suggestions for improvement, can be lost.

Therefore, it is very important to ensure a smooth flow of information – both externally and internally.

Workflow Analysis
In order to improve internal communication, the first thing executives should do is to take some time to analyze existing processes. Thereby, the important questions are: Who is actually responsible for internal communication? Internal communication is the operative responsibility of the management. How is internal communication being controlled? Is there any room for improvement?

For a company’s success, it is important to communicate the company’s goals in order to make sure every employee is familiar with them. Also, the company’s philosophy should be explained so that subsequently every single employee can act accordingly and convey the message.

Additionally, it is indispensable to create a good working atmosphere, to motivate the employees, to promote cooperation and to be open to the employees’ suggestions and concerns. This also increases their commitment, their loyalty, and their productivity which as a consequence positively affects the company’s output and image.

In the end, everyone benefits from well functioning internal communication strategies. Important information is spread quickly and correctly, decisions can be made faster, plans and projects are implemented more efficiently. Knowledge won’t be lost but is accessible to everybody, which in turn increases productivity. Ultimately, open communication within companies leads to motivated employees and a strong sense of loyalty.

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