Smart refrigerators, networked cars or digital watches – high-tech products have long been part of our lives and help to simplify our work and everyday life. This year, the IFA will once again take a look into the future of technology and excite its visitors with new trends which might make our lives even more enjoyable. However, for all its conveniences, many end users tend to forget a central aspect of technology: networking multiple systems makes it increasingly difficult to secure personal data.

Major hacker attacks, most recently implemented on institutions such as the German Bundestag or the German Ministry of the Interior, as well as the daily threat from malware and viruses are just the tip of the iceberg. A much more important part plays the personal information and data that every user voluntarily discloses via social networks and internet activities. However, it doesn’t require more than a few basic thoughts on how to handle personal data on the internet and taking the appropriate measures to prevent the end-consumer from becoming a transparent citizen.

The grand master of chess and Avast Ambassador Garry Kasparov is committed to internet security and encourages the intelligent and sustainable handling of personal data. Strictly adjusted browser settings and intelligent security programs already help to make a big difference. Yet, services like a Virtual Private Network (VPN), for example, can provide even more privacy. “If this sounds like a lot of work, so is the daily act of locking up your car and your apartment or the daily brushing of your teeth. We do this for health and safety reasons without hesitation, but digital hygiene is not less important”, Kasparov said in one of his blog posts. In his role as Avast Security Ambassador, Garry Kasparov will give a speech on Privacy and Artificial Intelligence (AI), followed by a panel discussion.

Kasparov will hold a keynote at the IFA+ Summit running by the slogan “Next Level of Thinking”. In addition to the trade fair, this format as well as the keynotes, the hosted conferences and the IFA Global Markets will be the platform of discussion. Once again, trends will be set for the future of the entire industry. Of course, young entrepreneurs and start-ups will present their visions for the international market and are thereby trying to position themselves well in the German market. It is highly important that companies continue to stay in focus especially after the IFA.

If you want to get started in the German market, you will find five critical success factors in our “Go to Market” whitepaper, which need to be taken into account before entering the market. A holistic, integrated PR and marketing strategy is essential for this process.

You are very welcome to contact us directly to get to know us in person at the IFA.

See you in Berlin!

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