Robots who operate humans, apartments that adapt the lighting to the mood of those present and cobots that work hand in hand with humans in manufacturing. Science fiction? Might be. But the technology sector is working hard to make these visions come true and research is far more progressed in many fields than most people think. In order not to miss any of the latest innovations the high-tech industry has to offer, we present you current developments on our blog and highlight how they can be used for public relations activities.

Developments in the technology sector

Take my robot hand
When computers learn to love – Affective Computing
Food Tech – Welcome to our life!
High-tech and Medicine – Five Current Trends
Artificial Intelligence – How best to speak with Siri & Co.

All about IT

IT security sector in Germany – characteristics and features
Priority: A Place by the Power Outlet – Commentary
The dark side of the internet
How FinTechs revolutionize the world of banking

How gadgets can be used for PR

The impact of wearable tech on how brands communicate

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