Social networks play a fundamental role in public relations. Where else can companies communicate directly with millions of customers? There is now a veritable jungle of social media channels – from Facebook to Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn or Xing and Pinterest. The questions companies have to ask themselves: On which platform can you best reach your target group? Do you have to be on represented on every channel? What actual improvements to the different networks have to offer to help you communicate with your customers? And, additionally, to be represented on the relevant pages in the future: Which network has the potential to be the new star in the firmament of social media marketing?

On this page, we will introduce you to our articles on social media marketing and keep you up to date on all current developments.

Tips for your social media marketing:

Social Web: Participating in Every Network at Any Cost?
Does YouTube hold the key to online marketing?
„Spam is the plaque on E-business’ smile”

On what networks will I communicate with my customers tomorrow?

Jodel and Marketing – a good match?
Instagram is on the rise
Instagram on its way to be a marketer’s favorite

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