How can I as an aspiring start-up generate as much attention as possible with a low budget? How to tell a story with my short company history? How can I bind customers to my company in the long run? What steps can I take to make more people visit my homepage? With the right marketing strategy, the key targets of every company can be successfully implemented. Whether it´s developing the right approach to online marketing or gaining a competitive edge through competitor analysis, this page will show you numerous advices about how to reach your audience the best way possible.

Marketing strategies you should take into consideration
Funnel Marketing: How do potential customers become paying customers?
Guerilla Marketing I – Fresh wind in the advertising sails
Guerilla Marketing II – Hands on
Product Placement as a PR activit
Leading social media traffic to your own website

Tips on advertising
Using #SocialMedia for events
Not advertising again!
From Storytelling to Storyshowing: A Necessary Transformation in B2B Tech
Competitive analysis – why is this tool so important?
PR for the umpteenth product launch – 6 tips for a successful campaign
Employer Branding – where human resources meet marketing
Captology: How Computers Rewire our Minds—and Why We Let Them

Examples of successful marketing strategies
Super Bowl 2018 – The highlight of the year, not only for football fans
Santa Claus drives the Coca-Cola truck
Experience wins – Thoughts on the 53rd NFL Super Bowl

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