With the right campaign, companies with innovative and distinctive products can generate strong impressions on their social media channels during trade shows.

Successful content on social media is based on concepts, not a coincidence!
Of course, luck plays a role in how well the content is received by a certain target group. However, often it is in the hands of creative minds. Whoever delivers uninteresting content, along with none or unattractive pictures, can assume that the audience does not pay attention to the posts – bang, already scrolled to the next post!

Survival of the fittest!
Charles Darwin most probably did not refer to social media and the internet with this term, but it is very appropriate at this point. Competition is fierce and there has never been so much input on social networks as now. Therefore, companies must attract the attention of potential customers within seconds and cause an interaction before the post gets lost in the newsfeed and do not make it to the next evolution level. With good preparation, social media teams can have great success here.

Trade shows as an efficient way to get really loud!
Trade shows, whether B2B or B2C, are excellent opportunities to raise (even more) public awareness for a brand or product. A current example: Next week, Hannover Messe will be all about „Get new technology first!“ and will open its doors to Industry 4.0 enthusiasts from all over the world. This is the perfect opportunity to expand social media activities and use live posts to attract interest groups and potential customers to visit your trade fair booth.

Don’t search for content too long!
Usually, managers think a lot about what to post on which social media channel next week. Trade shows, on the other hand, offer flexibility. Of course, the direction of the posts should be clarified beforehand, but then you can get creative. Simply adapting the posts to the pictures you just took on site? Priceless – because posts are never more authentic.

What is important?
Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Videos! Everything that makes you stand out from the crowd. Is there a raffle going on? Which speakers are at the booth? Do we have special offers or funny promotions? Tell it on your social media channels! Companies should always be interactive on social media, because that’s what these channels are all about, especially during events. Post more often than usual, especially on Twitter.

Why all this fuss?
Well, that depends entirely on the campaign the company is running. It should be mentioned that posts during events achieve more interactions than normal posts – if the right hashtags are used! So: Fill the posts with content and matching images, use suitable hashtags and hopefully, it won’t take too long until the first retweet.

– This article was written by Duygu Duru, Account Manager at HBI

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