„Oh no, not another award!“

Whereas in the past prices and awards were highlights offering companies the opportunity to put themselves in the spotlight of their respective branch, nowadays they become less important due to the high and rising number of such opportunities. Especially in the area of IT, there are countless awards or market surveys that illustrate and compare the strengths of competing companies in order to award the „Best of the Best “. Such events are frequently associated with a large registration fee which are raked in by mostly commercial organizers. As a result, only those who pay are shown in the market surveys, performance graphics and illustrations. The rest simply will not be mentioned, nor considered. The matter is a tough predicament, given that potential customers often rely on market surveys and awards when making a purchase decision. Hence the question here is whether to participate or not!

Sustainability as a responsibility and economic chance

But there are are still, free or at least affordable events out there, where the performance of a company is awarded irrespective of their budget spent – assuming, of course, that the company submits the application documents. What matters here are real achievements and innovations. Especially in the area of sustainability, there are numerous opportunities for businesses to positively distinguish themselves – either by new energy generation or recycling methods, the use of healthy materials and their recirculation or by social responsibility. Another approach is to save energy through new technologies, recycle waste or make water usage more sustainable. The German Awards for Excellence, the Federal Prize for Ecodesign, the German Sustainability Prize or the Next Economy Award are only a few examples for awards which acknowledge products or services that successfully meet ecological or social challenges.

However, the ecological balance can be improved not only by means of green technology, but also by using thought-out concepts and cooperations in the areas of production and logistics. One good example is the Lean & Green star which awards organizations that have reduced their number of driven kilometers or their carbon dioxide emissions five years in a row according to an action plan tested by TÜV Nord. The sought-after trophy only beckons to whomever has truly reached the desired goal and implemented the agreed objectives.

Awards are generally a competition incentive because who wants to stay behind their competitor?! We all benefit from saved energy, reduced carbon dioxide emissions or outstanding green tech innovations. Companies or organizations that successfully carry these out make a positive contribution to the environment and the climate. If it is assured that healthy, i.e. non-toxic materials, are used for the design and development of products, it also has a positive effect on our health.

At the sight of the global environmental challenges and general shortage of resources on our planet, there are several chances for companies to act in an environmentally responsible way. To communicate this to the outside world by using suitable PR actions e.g. in form of press releases, interviews or social media campaigns is the right way.
In this way, organizations do not only draw attention to environmental problems, but also offer specific solution approaches that seem reasonable and may even solve the problem. Agenda-setting helps to successfully place these important issues on the top of the everyday business. Once again it has been proven by the Sustainability Value Score 2016 – a survey which investigates the effect that sustainability has on the revenue – that sustainability is not only important for the image and conscience but that it also is a revenue driver.

„Do good and talk about it.” Winning awards in the field of sustainability does not only set an example for other market participants, but it also encourages people to take action in their own organizations and strike new paths in order to improve the ecological balance. For the future of everyone of us. The more united we are, the better!

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