One of your clients has a product launch in the pipeline, more precisely it is the umpteenth launch of the same product. And you need to come up with a successful PR strategy with interviews, product reviews and article placements. But how to proceed if the software only offers a few updates and the news angle is limited?

Here are some tips to turn a simple update of a well-known product into a successful PR campaign:

  1. Concerning the communication strategy, you should concentrate on storytelling instead of emphasizing the product features. To arouse the interest of the media, the product should be put in the context of a story or give various user cases. Perhaps you can find an existing user in the client database that has been familiar with the product since the first launch and can give a quote for articles etc. Learn more about storytelling in this blog article.
  2. Examine the differences and advantages of the product compared to competitors. The numerous features won’t make a difference, but the concrete benefit for the user will. This is what makes someone want to buy the product.
  3. Develop new target groups. Beside from the well-known media and blogger, it may also be worth it to take a look at vertical media groups. Ask your followers on social media in which areas are the products more valuable. Sometimes it can also be something extraordinary that has nothing in common with the usual application areas. If the updated version includes some ideas of your users, let them know, so that you show them that their ideas are important for you.
  4. Also videos can show how an update makes it easier to interact with the product. Maybe there is a product engineer who likes to explain the new features and the benefits for the user in detail and in a user-friendly way. Storyshowing is a good way to easily explain news to a user on different social media channels. This is especially the case in the technology sector with complex issues.
  5. Be inspired by big companies. The product is just smaller and thinner but there are no other new features…NO! The product is now handier, more user-friendly, but high-performing and also discreet during business meetings – the perfect companion.
  6. The software update has closed a security gap and extended several functions and increased the speed? Perfect! With the current update you can now not only do your work faster, but also from anywhere you want. Also if the internet connection is not perfect, you can use this solution without losing any information.

Even the umpteenth update makes a product better, more user-friendly or simply just faster to use. These advantages are the important points for your communication strategy. But you should not just mention them – also use customer examples to really build a story around the product. An update? – great. But what exactly is the benefit to my daily life? This question should be answered by your communication strategy.

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